Monday, 21 May 2012

Oton Shokudoo

Sitting in front of the screen, I am thinking of which photos of my holiday do I put on.
How I feel this morning after a surf which is first time in 4 weeks?...Yes of course " food", hum hum.
body warming food...Ra~men lah!!
Last year a friend from Sapporo mailed me a magazine is called "HO".  They had a special edition of  noodles,most of them were about Ramen. And this restaurant was on the cover page that has struck me.
The restaurant opened in 1955 as Kobato Shokudoo and it became a relaxing eating place for coal mine           labours .  The interior we see in the restaurant are from that era... TV, sawing machine, school chairs and desks,  toys and radios, so on...

Ramen stock are made of vegetable, chicken and pork , and Shoyu(Soy) ramen soup is their only flavor.  Located in Kuriyama, Iwamizawa.

Soup is not salty neither heavy ,and has strong yet mild taste,
Pork belly chaashuu (right) is simmered for 7 hours ,
cannot hold by chopsticks, it is so melty

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