Sunday, 27 May 2012

Mum"s food

I introduce many foods here including sweets, people may think I eat those foods all the time.                As a Jiriki navigator (Self movement healing), I follow my master's teaching about intake of the food.  I attended 3 days raw food seminar at Makino,Japan , the result was so fantastic.
My digestive system collapsed at one stage of my life, and I was struggling to get it right.
Since I started Jiriki, my health has came good.

I want to see how my body will change by keeping raw food diet for a while.

I am not a vegetarian or vegan but naturally I am not into meat so much.

But you know, I enjoy eating good stuffs , so why not having those mum's home cooking when I
can have!!!!!  Every food I had were so delicious and  thus Japanese cuisine is No. 1 for me...

Lots of seafood and spring veges.

 Dried Nishin (herring) marinated, Fuki vege. underneath, Hokkaido sea urchin (top right)

Hairy Crab!!!!!!  King of the crab

Ikura (salmon roe) at middle, Hokki gai (Huge clam) at right

Karei (Flatfish) simmered with soy

Salmon is the best this time of the year! Udo(left)with miso vinegar, and mushroom (right),tarako(Cod roe) top righ

Yamaimo(Jap. yam) with bonito flake (left), Gindara(Cod )

Takenoko (bambooshoots),shirataki,ganmo,chikuwa (top left)

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