Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Soul-stirring trip to Northern Vietnam, Ha Giang

I am living in a world which flooded with so many information, too many tourists and so much of waste .
My soul was asking me to feed something rich in a heart.

I remembered those days when I was travelling as a backpacker long time ago. 

Yes there were no smart phones, e mails, sns.....

I cannot do the same because I already travel with a smart phone, but I strongly wanted to travel

like a backpacker style.  And I have chosen Ha Giang, Vietnam as a destination.

Beautiful, amazing ... and I was speechless........

2 days motorbike tour was unbelievable...... I was like flying .......

8Hours  night train ride from Hanoi
6 hours local bus ride to Ha Giang

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Sydney good organic eating house -- O-UCHISYDNEY

When Uchi restaurant located at a back of Oxford St, Sydney several years ago announced its

closure, I was so dissapointed.  The owner mentioned that he would be come back sometime

in the future. 

Then I have forgotten about it.

But a few weeks ago, one of my friend whom I went to Uchi restaurant with, brought me a surprise

that she found the restaurant in CBD.

It is a cozy space and the food didn't betray us at all.   Quality is wow!!

Mussle with wasabi

Dumpling Kale 

Sweet potato fried with QUINOA 

Duck , matcha salt 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Sydney CBD Cakes and Coffee

Black star pastry has been extremely popular for several years.

One branch is located in Kinokuniya Book building near QVB in Sydney CBD.

Cafe is always busy but I was so fancied about Japanese forest cake which features Umeshu Ume
(Japanese plum soaked in a plum sake).

It tasted good, but for me I prefer more moistureness  added to the sponge cake itself.

Friends insisted me that I should have tried Strawberry Watermelon Cake, Ok I will have it soon!!

 A  larger coffee and good taste coffee, no disappointment. 

Also you can have self-serve  still & sparkling water as much as you want, great!

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UPLOADED YouTube tamarama surfing 4Jun2011