Saturday, 18 August 2018

KAKADU (Gagudju) NATIONAL PARK Crocks & Aboriginal Art rock

Wurrgeng(Cool  dry season ) is nice to travel around Kakadu,

The early morning was  bit chilly so the the jacket was needed.

The daytime temperature is 32C and dry, means the intake of the water

is a must.

Whistling Ducks and Egret in Mamukala wetland
One third of a whole continent inhabits here in Kakadu, so many

exotic and pretty birds are spotted.

Yellow water cruise
Jumping crocodile

In muddy rivers hundreds of Crocs are hanging around.  At jumping Crocodile
 they feed  blocks of meat to make crocs jumped, personally I am not really into
this kinda thing.  Yellow water cruise takes 2 hours and our guide Ruben kept
talking about the nature, animals and the history of Aborigine ( himself an part Aborigine).  I didn't like some of his jokes but I liked the way to let people know
how the traditional land is import and how they have to protect their right.

Rainbow serpent 

Ubirr flood plain
Rock Art site at Ubirr shows some significant laws of Aborigines.

party time

Mindil Beach sunset in Darwin

Monday, 6 August 2018

Sign of Spring

The temperature was 1C in Cowra N.S.W. over the weekends.
But forget about how cold in the morning, Ume blossoms started flowering
in Japanese Garden in Cowra, 318Km west of Sydney.

The garden was designed in the style of Edo period.(1603-1868)
Sakura maturi is the major event held in mid September and it is awesome to
see hundreds of Cherry blossoms in the garden.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

90% Organic Clean taste food " O'uchi "

Vegetarian Bento

My lunch today, yes already I had in my mind last night, was at O'uchi,
located in Clarence St, Sydney.

The atmosphere is very cozy and welcomed and as the restaurant name shows, I feel like I am at home.

The lunch menu is mostly Ramen or Bento box but has variety.
The dinner menu is so unique so you might be ended up having everything
if you are with friends.

Good meal makes me happy and energised.
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