Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sydney is Crazy about Italian Cafe


Always smells nice in a shop


     How many cafes are there just in Waverley Council?( Bronte, Tama belongs to Waverley Council ).
Aussies love Italian style coffee.  Cafe Latte, Cappucino,Flat White. so on.  Individual cafe shops can  be very unique, that is why I always support them.
     Yes there are so many coffee shops but only few cafe make real coffee.  The temperature of milk should be around 65C.,I hate if it is lukewarm, don't you??  Some coffee are way too much sour , most of the coffee don't taste coffee and no floss or 3cm
        Triple bean coffee is my No.1 fav.   Sumatran Indonesian/Aussie owns the cafe.  They    produce special made coffee in Sumatra, import to this cafe and they roast the beans.   It is mean, in good way.
Cafe is located in a small alley so it is kind of hidden, but people know...they serve the best coffee.
      Most of the cafes charge $3.50.  Triple pick cafe charges $3.00 with small hand made cookie, same for Soy milk using cafe ( Other shops charge $0.50 for soy).
Cafe owner knows how to make people happy, because he is happy.

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