Sunday, 15 January 2012

Roselle drink

  I was given Dried Roselle from a friend whose husband is from Egypt.  Roselle is species of hibiscus native as.  Not only Egypt but also  China,Thailand,India,Central America and many countries in Africa use this plant for a health and a medical treatment.
  Roselle tea is easy to make. Boil about 10min. with handful of flowers in a saucepan and 1lit. water. When the water gets the colour of cranberry juice, it is ready. Serve cold or hot.
It is not sweet at all so honey,sugar or syrup are good option to make taste sweet.  And also if you add
a few drops of lemon or lime juice,that would be nice,too.
  Very high in VitaminC, lower the blood pressure and as you see the colour it is high in antioxidant.
It looks like Rosé
It can be cooked or flied after making tea

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