Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Yum-cha yum yum at Marigold restaurant

Secure the table at Marigold around 10:30am  is a good time on Sunday Yum-cha.

By 12:00 people start making a long queue so you have to starve  while waiting.

There are several yum-cha restaurants in CBD, Marigold is one of the original and popular place

for a long time.   The number one reason I like here is the dumpling  skin.  The skin is THIN!!

  Thick skin dumpling makes you full quickly and the texture is not so enjoyable.

 Congee is near perfect.  Rice is no like a glue, has a right texture, taste great.

Har-gaw -prawn dumpling

pork spare rib
Our special order, white bait

Fried yam

Tofu fah as a dessert

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