Thursday, 3 April 2014

Rozan Japanese restaurant, cozy, reasonable , delicious and lots of originality

Last December, My favourite Japanese restaurant Uchi closed and I was kind of devastated like a child

lost her cat.

But here comes very nice and unique restaurant in Palmer st, Darlinghurst , Sydney.

Crispy prawn salad

sayori (halfbeak) sashimi
peking duck Roza style

ikameshi( rice stuffed in squid)
Tako ponzu( Octopus with citrus based vinegar&soy sauce)

prawn shumai (specil shimai using Prawn heads for the colouring and the stock to make dumpling)
                     Octopus was so tender.  We didn't need to spend time for chewing.  

                    Three of us paid just under $100 for the food, good value isn't it?

Nasu dengaku(eggplant) , one of the best dengaku I is soft enough to melt in your mouth.

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