Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My Sri Lanka Trip

There are fruits trees and vegetables growing in their gardens.  When it is ready, you just pick them up.

I think this is rich.  They live with what they need basically and feel happy about it.

The average earning is maybe the one fifth of our earning , so it is not easy for them to go abroad and

travel around.. Electricity has risen up to 50 to 60%, this is very expensive for them.  It is very hot most
of the time, so the tourists use the air conditioner if they live in a house, that is expensive.

The concrete house absorb the hot air from outside, and this is what they use for a house material these days.  The mud box( bricks) is cheaper and cooler. I don't understand why more people use concrete to build the house.  Not only Sri Lankans but we all need to learn sustainable life style.

the sun set in Ella

One of the best home cooking curry, I visit this guest house everytime I come to Sri Lanka

Vege. market in Ella

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