Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vientiane , cafe and massage

If you go to Vientiane,  I recommend you to go to the cafe and the massage!
Specially it is a massage heaven.  You can have any type of the massage- Full Body, Face, Oil Massage, Traditional Lao Massage ( like Thai massage ),  Expensive Facial treatment, etc...

I indulged myself in 2hours aroma oil massage, and if I have this kind of massage in Sydney, it costs at least $ 150.00.  I can have 15 times massage in Vientiane with this money. Unlike in Sydney they massage you front and back of the body and limbs,which is a total massage and I liked it.  You can leave the undies and they are all masseuse, so you won't be shy too much ( if you are woman ).

It has a Cafe Culture.  Lao coffee is amazingly good, and the Lao style coffee is tasty and inexpensive.
They serve Italian style cappucino and latte and quite sophisticated cakes and sweets.
Of course it is a tourist price but yes it relaxes me to sit down and watch the people pass by.

This restaurant was always full, this is the best food I had In Laos. Deep fried  Mekong seaweed with sesame and tomyum style prawn & vegi soup

Cross the road is Mekong River night market

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