Monday, 18 March 2013

Memory of Lao - Vientian

Today I was watching the photos taken in Laos in this January.  After Sri Lanka I visited there just for
a few days.  I was just stunned..for what?...I felt I wondered into  Northern country  of somewhere....     ( though I never been there)
Don't get me wrong ... I am talking about its flatness of the atmosphere, no smiles on people's face,
and what amazed me most was that the pedestrians had a human right here!  In Asia, India or Sri Lanka
people behind the wheels never concerned about the pedestrians, they just drive as if they don't have a speed meter.  
But in Vientian, things are different, Here, Car is coming ~ from far~ and still far way ..15 seconds past....still ... like that, the speed limit for vehicle is 50km, can you believe it!?!

Anyway, the statue of Buddha and the statue in the temples look bit scary, some looked like alien.
Sorry...Buddha  I am not insulting you... just little bit different from what I know...

Finally I knew that Lao people were very shy, once I get to know the person they smile back to you from the second time.

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