Monday, 24 September 2012

Cowra Sakura Festival --performance

*Kibi-gaku ...was founded by Yoshihide Kishimoto in 1872, he was a Gagaku (a traditional music played in shirines ) musician of former Okayama domain.

After Kishimoto passed away, Genpan Ono took the authoritative position and completed Kibigaku, incorporating a distinctive taste of Kibi region.( Okayama region). In 1883 Kibigaku became the official ritual music of Kurozumikyo. (Kurozumi shinto religion ).

*Reference materials--Kurozumikyo Kibigaku

Japanese Taiko (Drum) performers are from Tasmania , is called TAIKO DRUM.
The played very powerful Taiko session  and most of the music were their original.  Non Japanese were involved when they founded, and they added an Aussie taste to a traditional Japanese Wa-Daiko which created a new unique Taiko performance.

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