Sunday, 26 February 2012

Trip to NORTH-chasing the surf and the summer North NSW & QLD 66


They say " the best burger shop in the town "--this is the only one burger shop-

Fish burger-- it was delicious , filled me up

Sweet vintage

We found the biggest wave at Yamba, 0-1ft.   There were some surfable  wave, and the blue sky and the beautiful ocean motivated us to paddled out.   As soon as we paddled in, " COLD!!!!!", Takky screamed.

If there are no surf, we just go for an option.  Eating the primary option, if with girls, cruising around the
shops are the second, and that is it!
Unlike other sports, we are with the nature's force.  That is why surfing is different.

boisenberry ice ceram- yummy

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