Saturday, 4 February 2012

After three days of drenching rain

Thanks for la nina , we don't need to be on the restriction of water consumption.
North to north-west of N.S.W. have the worst flood in 35 years.  It is devastating to watch the area and the people are effected by the flood.  What can I say about it..

This year Sydney hasn't had a real summer, so much rain and lower temperature tend us to go to the cinema than the beaches.

I hear that Japan has a cold winter and lots of snow.  In China  the volcano erupted and the ash muds
slided into the dam.   I am not wondering about these natural disaster, these natural catastrophe will
occur more this year as they predict.  But don't be scared.

I feel happy to see the plants,the flowers and the nature again around me after the rain rain rain.

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