Friday, 9 January 2015

Bushwalk Hazelbrook to the Falls

This time I got off a train at Hazelbrook,  you know all the toilet in the mountain station is closed.

Just 4-5 min. walk from the station to the shop area, there is a public toilet.

Ok, I feel better then started walking Winbourne St, keeping walking bout 15 min. you see the info. board .

It hasn't been raining so I guessed there was not much water in a creek but lovely not hard walk took me to the Burgess Falls.


Another 15-20 min.walk , I reached Oakland Falls.

Feel like stand under the falls !!!
But I found a beautiful water hole just 5 min, walk from here,  sink myself into the hole just wearing
my five finger shoes, ha ha ha   !!!

Refreshed!  Let's get to Horseshoe falls!

At Horseshoe falls I saw a sign, " glow warms cave"  why not going?  the track became rocky uphill hopping climb but wanted to get there.  If there was an another sign , it would have be kind enough.
I gave up and took a way to Oakland Rd.

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