Monday, 29 September 2014

Shiraoi surf trip 28 Sep

Typhoon 17 was passing through the Pacific Ocean ,  south of Hokkaido,  so we were hoping that there were some swell left.  Heading to Hamaatsuma first because we heard that there was a memorial service for the late Mr. Igawa who brought the surfing culture to Hokkaido.
About 70 surfers gathered to pay tribute to him.

Then we kept driving to Shikkaty , and the surf was shitty, onshore winds and no swell around.
By then we had an information that Shiraoi fisherman's wharf was working.

We have never seen such a crowded surf scene in Shiraoi, usually there were more fishermen than the surfers in September salmon season, but the early strong winds put away the fishermen.  

My fav. food in Shiraoi is " seafood burger " at Super Kumagai.  This is a croquet made of ground cod with sara clam, yeah it's very delicious!

We indulged ourselves by soaking in a natural springs at Poroto lake spa.  It is a uniqe springs is called Moor springs.

I put a final spurt on the  Jap. food goodies.  After the spa we went straight to the Mother's farm where 
the daily soft cream is famous for.  Yum yum pigs bum.

Lake Shikotsu & Mt. Eniwa

On the way home, ummmmh we couldn't help stopping at Sora ramen noodle shop at Chitose city.
Because it looked so good even from outside and drew our attention.
Chicken stock salt soup ramen with traditional yellowish colour wavey noodle satisfied me 100%.
These days the ramen noodle is whiteish straight noodle like kishimen noodle, and I like the traditional one.

Thank you for Ms. Rubesibe to have the beautiful day shared with me!


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