Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Surf Trip Erimo & Hiroo 2013 by Three Hokkaido Surf Chicks

We, THSC, first met in Australia through the surfing friends living in Hokkaido.

Recently two chicks went back to Hokkaido and I was there for my holiday , so we decided to have
a re-union surf trip to the mid-east coast.  Typhoon 18 was chasing up us but anyway we drove toward the meeting point.

When Miss E & I arrived near Erimo, Miss T already have had one session and by this time the rain and the wind got stronger.   We moved to Funbe , after watching other guys surfing , we decided to
paddle out.  OMG..the  rain got harder and harder.. Raining doesn't mtter as we get wet anyway..

As soon as I got in the water, I felt as if I was thrown down into an ice-full pool.  My brain was frozen
straight away and  stopped its mobility.

We only stayed about 30 min.   Luckily the powerful  rain shower took off all the sands and the salts away,  but we needed something to warm us up.   Of course.. a tucker ...yes a food...mochiron kuimon.

To be continued.

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